Adirondack Firestone Candle and Lamp Oil 2 Pack

Adirondack Firestone Candle and Lamp Oil 2 Pack


Refill with our 2 pack of Candle and Lamp Oil.

  • Smokeless
  • Odorless
  • 99.9% Clean Burning
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This works great! I got this for my husband for Xmas. We used fir the first time NY eve. It worked perfect. No newspaper was needed. Followed the instructions and fire was roaring. I definitely recommend this product.

I was going to save this for Christmas but, gave it to my husband early. He said it was the best present ever! It is remarkable how easy it is to start a fire! No more fire starters!

Ten Stars by Kyong
I never review anything before. This product is OUTSTANDING. I have a second home up in the mountains. My job is to start the fire. News papers, card boards ,and twigs or fire starters. It was very messy . When we would arrive late at night, it was a challenge to start fire. Most time it would take couple of hours to get a roaring fire. Lot of time, I could not get fire started and there would be smoke in the whole house. Now all I do is 2 steps and within 3 minutes I have a roaring fire. This is a MUST have if you have a wood burning fireplace! Awesome!!!!