What Our Customers Are Saying

Here's why everyone is saying goodbye to kindling, crumpled newspapers and Fatwood

Our daughter gave us the Adirondack Firestone Firelighter for Christmas. We love it!!! It’s quick, easy, makes a perfect fire every time, and it’s made in America! We hope we never have to start a fire again without our Adirondack Firestone Lighter!
— John and Mary Jane

"I picked up one of these at a local store and we love it – we use our fireplace so much more now. It literally takes two seconds to start a fire without the use of newspapers or kindling. It works just as easy outdoors in our fire pit and we've brought it camping, too. My parents want one and I think I'm going to get them one for Christmas this year." 

 - Jenn


I really like this product for starting fires! It’s so easy and eliminates the mess of newspapers or other products. I also use it to warm up the flue before starting the fire. It works particularly well if you have wet wood (heaven forbid!) Because it stays lit for 15-20 minutes. Thanks for saving me time and money!
— John

“Dip it in the oil, roll it in your ash and light it. So much better than struggling with fat wood. Makes enjoying a fire so much easier. I never write reviews, so it tells you how much we enjoy this starter.”




"I got this as a late birthday gift.  I also bought one as a gift because between it being made in the US, and the fact that you no longer need to buy envirologs to get my fires going, this is a beautiful and functional accessory that makes fire starting so much easier. I love it!" 


“The Adirondack Firestone shows that an improvement in technology doesn’t need microchips or batteries. Just smarts. Since the cavemen first walked the earth, humans have been looking for an easy way to start a fire. With the Adirondack Firestone, they found it.”




I’ve had the FireLighter Kit on my wishlist for several years, and finally ordered it after the first fire of the 2015 winter. My husband was so exasperated that I’d have paid twice as much just to end the hassle of getting a fire going. When it arrived and we’d allowed the firestone to soak up the candle oil, it was like a miracle when the fire caught right away. I would recommend it to anyone. If this doesn’t work for you, you’re not using it right!
— Martha

End your troubles with starting a fire!!! Buy this right away and buy an extra as a gift. My husband says this is the best gift he has received in many years... I just bought two more as gifts!
— Kara

Works like they say and like you wouldn’t believe. This always makes starting a fire with any wood quick and easy. It is also nice because you don’t need to worry about chemicals if you want to cook over it
— Ruby