We have answered some of the most common questions we receive. If you don’t find the question or answer you were looking for, please Contact Us! We’re happy to answer any questions about your FireLighter.

Do I have to roll the firestone in dry ashes?

Yes.  When you remove the firestone from the oil, you MUST roll it in dry ash, then light. The ash acts as a wick, so it is necessary to cast the firestone  with dry ash.

Is the firestone reusable?

Yes.  The firestone will last for years, the only thing that needs to be replaced is our Adirondack Candle and Lamp Oil.

Does the Candle and Lamp oil smell or smoke?

No.  The Candle and Lamp oil is 99% pure, smokeless, odorless, premium liquid paraffin.

Should I wash the firestone?

No.  When the firestone cools down to room temperature, place it back in the vessel with the oil. Do not get the firestone wet with water.  The water will soak into the stone, and make it difficult to light.  If the firestone does get wet, let it completely dry out.

Can I use other fluids such as Kerosene with the FireLighter?

No.  Other fluids may work, but we do not recommend it.  Kerosene and other fluids will smell, smoke, and can be dangerous. We highly recommend our Adirondack Firestone Candle and Lamp oil.  It is specially formulated for the Adirondack Firestone Company.

Can I use the FireLighter to light my charcoal grill?

Yes.  Roll the firestone in ash, and place the stone in the middle of the grill.  Light the firestone, and place your lump charcoal, or bricketts directly on top of the firestone.  The firestone will stay lit and start the charcoal.

How long does the firestone stay lit?

The firestone should stay lit for approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Can I put the firestone back in the oil when it is still hot?

No! Do not put the firestone in the oil when it is hot.  The oil will smoke and evaporate, and could possibly ignite.

Can I use the Adirondack Firestone Company's FireLighter for outside fires?

Yes.  The firestone can be used outside with fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, or any other places you make a wood burning fire, but the firestone has to be rolled in dry ash after soaking in our candle and  lamp oil.  Do not let water get on the stone.