Here Comes The Sun*

The New York Yankees have won their 2019 home opener, the clocks have been moved ahead an hour, and the melodic birds are chirping outside our windows each morning. Spring has officially arrived (which means summer is just around the corner!).

First on my agenda is getting our fire-pit ready for the upcoming season(s) which include nightly fires, s’mores, and get-togethers. There is nothing better than shaking off the winter and bringing our outdoor furniture, well…out! I’m anticipating warm nights, crickets chirping, star gazing and sitting around the fire. With the ease of our FireLighter, our lazy summer nights get lazier as it is clean, clean burning, and effortless to use!

Only after our fire-pit is cleaned and ready for use, will I move on to our ceramic grill and re-enter the world of all day, slow cooking outside (priorities!). If you have a ceramic grill, as I do, our FireLighter is great for lighting that as well; it takes a little time to get the coals burning but all good things come to those who wait, right? I strongly recommend using lump charcoal and not briquettes because unlike lump coal, additives are used in the process of making briquettes, giving it a chemical smell. Lump charcoal is purely wood.

(I guess my point here is to make sure your outdoor wood and/or charcoal burning appliances are clean, safe, and ready for use. Taking the time at the beginning of the season to clean and inspect everything will make your life a little easier over the next few months.)

These are signs of Spring for me. Whatever signifies Spring for you, I hope you have already seen it, felt it, heard it, or even smelled the fragrant Spring air. There is nothing like the change of season to awaken the senses and put a little pep in our step for the upcoming shift in Nature.

*A little known fact: While in Eric Clapton’s garden, George Harrison wrote “Here Comes The Sun” about the beautiful Spring day they were having after their long English winter (