Another day, another snow day in Upstate NY

While I love the excitement that comes with the occasional snow day, one too many can leave you flustered, and at a loss for what to do next to keep it exciting and fun for both kids and adults. My baking supplies have dwindled, the novelty of sledding down the swing set’s slide and skiing in the yard has worn off and coming off a long Holiday weekend, I am bracing myself for the inevitable chime of “I’m bored.”

While unsuccessfully trying to set an example of no devices this morning, I logged onto my computer to look for new and exciting ideas for our delay-turned-snow day and came across 18 Fun Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids & Adults by Heather Levin, from North Carolina. A few you can do on the fly, while others require some planning, maybe for the next snow day!

And…it goes without saying, once you have trekked through knee deep snow and braved the cold and ice, make your way inside and find a warm, dancing fire and a steaming cup of hot chocolate to warm up with.

Stay warm!