Why I love campfires

I don't know about you, but living in the North East, I feel winter has lost its luster, hopefully blown its icy breath for the last time. I woke up this morning to birds chirping outside my window, which is a promising sign that Spring may actually be right around the corner. At least my feathered friends and I can agree on that. 

The warm Spring days I'm dreaming of lead to long, relaxing weekends which lead to the cherished fire pit or campfire. I dream about nights by the lake with my family and friends, sitting around a crackling fire, listening to the gentle lapping of the lake against the shore, re-telling hysterical stories of the past, sharing hopes for the future, or just in the zone, staring at the fire, listening to our favorite music (with s'mores, an ice-cold beer...or both!). 

There is something magical, mystical about the lure of a campfire. It awakens every part of your senses; even if you are too relaxed or too tired to realize it. The smell, the warmth, the sound, and if you get a good breeze go though, the taste. I even saw my first shooting star last summer dreamily looking at the stars while the campfire crackled and popped. It was cool, it was unexpected, and it will probably never happen again in a scenario that perfect, but I've got it locked in my memory bank as the perfect summer night around our campfire.

So, this my friends, is what I am thinking about tonight as I watch Baseball on TV, another sure sign Spring is on its way.  All the signs are there. We just need this weather to break so we can get outside, dust off the Adirondack chairs, claim our spots around the fire pit and start creating some stories for next year.