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ADK Firestone

Testimonials and Reviews

Our daughter gave us the Adirondack Firestone starter for Christmas. We love it!!! It's quick, easy, makes a perfect fire every time, and it's made in America! We hope we never have to start a fire again without our Adirondack Firestone starter!!

John and Mary Jane F.  New York

I picked up one of these at a local store and we love it – we use our fireplace so much more now. It literally takes two seconds to start a fire without the use of newspapers or kindling. It works just as easy outdoors in our fire pit and we've brought it camping, too. My parents want one and I think I'm going to get them one for Christmas this year.   Jenn

At first I tried lighting the stone just by soaking it in the oil and it didn't work, but after reading the directions and rolling it in the ashes in my fireplace it lit right up and stayed lit for about 15 min. It is way better than newspaper or starter logs, I love it!!!


I got this as a late birthday gift, while I also bought one as a gift because between it being made in the US, and the fact that you no longer need to buy envirologs to get my fires going, this is a beautiful and functiinal accessory that makes fire starting so much easier. I love it!   By Veronica

I love this! Honestly not sure how I survived my addiction to my fireplace without it. My mornings used to be a battle between me and the wood.

Now I can get a roaring fire going in less time than it takes to brew coffee!


I never review anything before. This product is OUTSTANDING. I have a second home up in the mountains. My job is to start the fire.

News papers, card boards ,and twigs or fire starters. It was very messy . When we would arrive late at night, it was a challenge to start fire. Most time  it would take couple of hours to get a roaring fire.

Lot of time, I could not get fire started and  there would be smoke in the whole house.

Now all I do is 2 steps and within 3 minutes I have a roaring fire.

This is a MUST have if you have a wood burning fireplace! Awesome!!!!


I used yo hate to start my fire.  Your brilliant kit makes it a pleasure!  The best and most useful product I have purchased.  It is not only easy to use and starts a blazing fire very quickly, but economical too!

Thank you!!


I am so happy with this purchase! First of all, it is a beautiful compliment to my fireplace. Second of all, it works! I no longer have to deal with newspaper smoking me out or buying starter logs at $5-6 a piece. A family member came over and joked with me that I just had to have a "new gadget," until she used it to start my next fire. It is now on her Christmas list!!!


Bought the ADK Firestone Kit for my son in law last year. Bought him refill oils for Christmas this year. He loves the product.

 Barbara J.


Simple, clean operation, fast and efficient. Wish I had bought one of these years ago.... I have two fireplaces in my home. 


Amazing. Love it. Small, looks nice next the the fire place and lights the logs in minutes. I have already bought 3 more as gifts. It's a must have for fire lovers 


End your troubles with starting a fire!!! Buy this right away and buy an extra as a gift. My husband says this is the best gift he has received in many years... I just bought two more as gifts! 


This is an amazing product. It is well-made, and it works!!

It works as advertised (which I seriously doubted possible) and it makes lighting a fire a joy, not a chore.  No more fire-starters.  No more fighting.  No more wishing I hada gas-insert fireplace.  I just bought a second one for our cabin in Maine.


Got this gfit for my husband.  He loves it and so do I.  No more old newspapers laying around to start a fire.  Our hearth looks great and the firestone lights 100% of the muss, no fuss!  Definitely a winning gift.

He Loved It!  

This works GREAT!  Lights the fire everytime with such ease, even on damp wood.  Best Christmas gift for my husband.


We are so thrilled with our firestarter!  You have captured the magic and romance of having a fire and fireplace.  Your product is elegant, simple, and timeless.  Plus, it really, really, works!

C. Hood

I purchased the Adirondack Firestone for my husband for Christmas and we both love it! Living in Upstate, NY we frequently light a fire in the evenings and it became so tiresome using the typical fire starters whereas we would still have to fuss to get the fire started. With the Adirondack Firestone we light it once and basically set it and forget it. It also looks great on our hearth! Thanks so much for a useful and unique gift!

Kelly F.
Syracuse, New York

I'm an accomplished fire starter, but this makes it so easy I'm wondering what to do with my fat wood. You guys did good!

Stan O.
Ocean Springs, MS

I love to give unique gifts and found the Adirondack Firestone starter set. We love it! Never in a million years could I ever get a fire started without my husband. You could say I was a starter log junkie. The Firestone is way more cost effective and so easy to use. I just ordered my second one for my parents and they love theirs as well.

Thanks for a great gift and product!

Tara J.
Elkhart, Kansas

Autumn is my favorite time of year, and I really look forward to evenings in front of my fireplace. However, I've never been a great fire starter, and more of my time was spent STARTING my fire than enjoying it. Sometimes I'd run out of wadded newspaper and matches before I could get anything to catch! I came across the Adirondack Firestone on The Grommet two years ago this month and thought, "Could it really be THAT easy?" I wasted no time in ordering, hopeful and eager to find out! Well, it really IS! For the past two years, my Firestone has been both an attractive and functional addition to my hearth, not to mention a delightful conversation piece. I've enjoyed every fire with almost guilty pleasure because it was so quick and easy to start. I'm now on the couch where I belong, and all of my newspapers are now where they belong—in the recycling bin!

Michele B.
Jacksonville, MD

We use an Adirondack Firestone lighter for the five fireplaces at Bryn Brooke Manor, our Upstate, NY Victorian bed and breakfast. I come downstairs early morning, set the fire going with the ADK lighter, and when I come back with my first cup of coffee, the fire is blazing. Why waste time and frustration trying to coax a fire to life? Top quality, reliable, practical and easy to use, it is all we expect from an American made product. We rely on the ADK fire lighter and wouldn't face winter without one.

Brenda B.
Cooperstown, NY

I have been using The Adirondack Firestone for five years and counting as a sturdy, reliable and very attractive fireplace tool. The decanter’s design was the first thing to catch my eye with its moose etching on pottery, so reminiscent of the north country where I was raised. The ADK Firestone replaces the need for fatwood or other fire starters. It works perfectly in either a traditional fireplace, or as in my home, a side-open wood stove; I leave the door ajar just enough to accommodate the Firestone’s handle while the narrow opening serves as a bellows to fan a hearty fire in minutes. The Adirondack Firestone is my favorite gift to give dear friends for any special occasion.

Kate H.
Westfield, New York

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