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ADK Firestone

About the Firestone

ADK Firestone VesselThe Adirondack Firestone Company's FireLighter is an attractive, American made product that eliminates the need for Fatwood, kindling or crumpled, dirty newspapers when starting your beautiful, roaring fire.  Our FireLighter works wonderfully with wood-burning fireplaces, ceramic grills, and outdoor fire-pits.  The Adirondack Firestone Kit comes complete with everything you will need to start your fire.  Included is an attractive ceramic pot and lid, a reusable Firestone that is attached to an artistically crafted steel rod, and two 32 oz. bottles of our own clean burning Candle and Lamp Oil.  Each ceramic pot is handcrafted in small batches so its unique look adds to the beauty of any home and business setting.  The Adirondack Firestone is an heirloom in the making and is an amazing gift! 



The Adirondack Firestone Company was founded in 2010 by Todd and Chad Keehfus.  With strong ties to the Upstate New York Adirondack Region, they wanted to celebrate the beauty, charm and spirit that the Adirondacks offer. They have also made it a priority to proudly give you a beautiful, unique product that is 100% made in the USA.

 Spend more time relaxing with family and friends and less time on the hassles of building a fire.

 After all, that's what the Adirondack Region is all about.  


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